Green Sustainable Development

Committed to the high efficiency and green development concept, Regina Miracle is well aware of its own environmental protection obligations, we continually explore to integrate the concept of sustainable development into the enterprises strategic planning, constantly optimizes the environmental management system, and reduces the environmental impact of production and operation.

In addition, we are committed to positively responding to the demands and expectations of our customers and to jointly addressing the challenges of global environmental pollution and resource shortages.

Meanwhile, the Group is actively organizing for and encouraging all employees to join environmental protection welfare activities, with the aim of raising their awareness of environment protection so that they may together with the Company perform duties to protect the environment.


We continuously improve the corporate environmental management system, and better monitor the emissions of the hazards with an aim to minimize the negative impact arising from the Group’s production and operations on the environment.

  • Wastewater

    Our products do not require a large amount of water resources consumption. The Group’s wastewater includes the wastewater generated from cleaning of the mold and the equipment, as well as general domestic sewage. Nevertheless, we still attach great importance to water conservation, and actively promote water-saving equipment and water-saving concepts.

    *Since 2016, the Shenzhen manufacturing plants of the Group have been carrying out the waste water treatment and recovery project at the silk printing production line. After collection, purification and treatment, production waste water will be reused in the production process, achieving the purpose of water resources recycling.
  • Waste

    The Group regulate the waste management process of each kind of the waste and ensure proper disposal of waste and reduce the risks of contamination.

    Beginning in 2015, the Group recycles all wastes generated from new processes like Wire ring and Silk printing.

  • Exhaust Gas

    In 2017, the air treatment system is in use in spraying workshop in order to eliminate the small amount of exhaust gas that produced by the use of glue in the workshop.

Energy Saving

Saving transformation in 2012 saving annually of 8-13 million Kwh, accounting for 12% of annual electricity consumption.


In 2015 the group has obtained the ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification in China.

In 2016, the group has obtained the LEED for New Construction Silver in Vietnam.