With the strong independent research and development capability, huge production team and mature production line management, Regina Miracle rapidly expanded into a significant breakthrough on protective products. We have a variety of protective products including reusable cloth face covers(or masks) and disposable masks.



Molding Particle Filtering Half Mask
Fiber Cotton Molding Particle Filtering Half Mask
Flat Folded Particle Filtering Half Mask


3D Molding Face Cover
Cloth Face Cover with Filtering Material(PTFE)
Cloth Face Cover


Clean Room at our Shenzhen Campus

Clean Room at our Shenzhen Campus


Product name: Particle Filtering Half Mask
Model: RM2020 MA-08
Classification: FFP2 NR
Standard Compliance: ENI 49:2001 +AI :2009
Intended Use:
The Particle Filtering Half Mask is a disposable mask, provided non-sterile, and intended to be used for the member of the general public to permit normal breathing while protecting the wearer from exposure to patho- genic biological airborne particulates during a public health medical emergency.
Introduction for use:
1. Make sure there is no contamination of the skin contact area.
2. Adjust the lanyard to fix it on the ear.
3. After wearing, adjust the position of nose contact to ensure complete coverage.
4. Check for gaps so that the inside of the mask fits the skin completely.

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